Part of going to the event is getting there and back. You can view this as simple as getting from point A to B, or you can view this as it’s own experience that can be as fun or better as the event you’re going to. LuxxisVIP is in the latter of the two examples. We do not provide you with a service, we provide you an experience.

One of the most important factors when choosing your VIP experience company is the drivers. We choose to have a very small fleet of vehicles because it’s very difficult to find amazing drivers that are able to bring offer that experience to you which is why we hand picked the cream of the crop in the industry. Also, our vehicles have up-to-date electronics and interiors to make sure you experience and memories don’t feel like you’re going back in time.

No matter what your event is, we can guarantee that LuxxisVIP will exceed your expectations for whatever occasion.



Joe, is a very experienced driver who has an extensive experience and impressive commercial driving resume. Joe has driven for numerous celebrities, political figures, and fortune 500 executives.

When Joe is behind the wheel you could expect a one of kind experience whether it be a fun night out on the town or a discrete political matter, Joe can offer an experience that is unrivaled in the livery space.


Tony, is a seasoned driver who is one of the kindest and most charismatic people you’ll ever meet. His professionalism is always exceptional and he goes above and beyond for all Luxxis VIP riders.

 With him as your driver, we can guarantee he’ll make your ride more fun, comfortable and safe at all times. Tony is sure to give you a surreal experience every time you ride with us that can’t be found elsewhere in the Windsor/Essex area.


We now have a fleet.

After about one month with the 14 passenger bus we continued to see a demand for bringing the experience we offer to larger groups and events so we now have ordered a brand new 24 passenger bus.