Luxury Limo Bus
  • Up to 14 Passengers
  • Leather Interior
  • HDMI Video Streaming
  • Air Conditioned and Heated
  • Unlimited WiFi Internet (+$20/use)
  • Blootueth Audio System
  • Mobile Phone Charging Ports
  • Large Screen TVs
  • Luggage Compartment
$139 / hr
$149 / hour for prom
$179 / hour for weddings
$299 / Metro Airport 1-way


Our 14 passenger luxury limo bus is a state of the art new vehicle equipped with the latest technology, sound equipment, and luxurious modern interior to ensure your ride to your event becomes an experience you won’t forget.

This luxury limo bus is perfect for mid range events such as weddings, proms, nights out, wine tours, charity¬†events, and anything else that requires a level of service that you’re looking for.